About me

My name is Bára, I was born in Prague and I live in a village not far from... I love peace, colors, nature and animals. I am an introvert, yet I have worked almost all my life - except for a few breaks - in gastronomy, which is the complete opposite. Although it always pulled me somewhere else, I couldn't see the way. Until one day came when I lost someone important, and I lost a lot. I intuitively reached for the crayons - probably the first time since school - and started painting. Painting has become my panacea, a passionate hobby that fills me with peace and joy from the present moment. I love abstract creation that does not impose any rules, as the world expects us to do today. I create my own world full of colors and love. I paint with acrylics and I really like the combined technique of cast colors, stucco and liquid pearls. This is the path I was looking for, and I finally found it with great gratitude ♥

Barbora Šmídová - About me